Joselito Coppa

SKU: 01030004
Weight: Around 1-1.5kg
Format: Vacuum Sealed, Joselito Gift Wrapped

Ready to eat
Naturally Aged over 6 months
Ingredients: Lean pork meat, sea salt, pepper, garlic
100% natural, No preservatives or artificial colorings, Gluten Free and Lactose Free

Jamon Joselito 100 % Iberian pigs graze freely on acorns in their pasture land. The healthy fat of the oleic acid-filled acorns creates the creamy marbling in the meat. Joselito Coppa is characterized by being streaked with plenty of fat marbling for that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Due to it’s artisanal, traditional preparation there can be greater or lesser marbling.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE* Average nutritional values (g/100g) of the product Energy value (Kcal/Kg) 1850 kJ 446 Kcal Protein (g) 30’9 g.
Carbohydrates 0 g. of which : Sugars 0 g.
Fat 35’8 g. of which : Saturated 11’4 g. Monounsaturated 20’3 g. Polyunsaturated 4’0 g.
Dietary fibre 0 g. Salt 4’1 g.

SUSTAINABILITY Joselito is the first agri-food company to receive the prestigious PEFC seal of quality certifying their commitment to the environment.



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