Joselito Lomo (Pork loin) Pre-sliced

SKU: 01020004
Weight: 70g
Format: Vacuum Sealed with red cardboard sleeve

Ready to eat
Aged for more than 6 months

Ingredients: Pork loin, sea salt, paprika, garlic, and sugar

100% natural, No preservatives or artificial colourings, Gluten Free and Lactose Free
Jamon Joselito 100 % Iberian pigs graze freely on acorns in their pasture land. The healthy fat of the oleic acid-filled acorns creates the creamy marbling in the meat. Joselito Lomo is characterized by tones which vary from intense purplish- red to pale pink with plenty of fat marbling for that melt-in-your-mouth texture.

MATURING The Joselito Sliced Lomo goes through a natural curing process of more than 6 months.
PRESERVATION The Joselito Sliced Pork Loin should be refrigerated.
PREPARATION Remove the Joselito Lomo from the cold storage at least 24 hours before consumption.
CONSUMPTION To fully enjoy the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Pork Loin, it is recommended to consume it at room temperature.
TASTING NOTE With a touch of smoke and paprika, it has a soft texture. It is a red-purple meat with light degree of marbling, which develops an immense and unctuous flavour when tasting, with that characteristic touch of paprika which gives the piece so much personality.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE* Average nutritional values (g/100g) of the product Energy value (Kcal/Kg) 1326 kJ 317 Kcal Protein (g) 38’8 g.
Carbohydrates 1’2 g. of which: Sugars 1’2 g.
Fat 18 g. of which : Saturated 5’8 g. Monounsaturated 10’4 g. Polyunsaturated 1’8 g.
Dietary fibre 0 g.
Salt 3’5 g.
Due to its traditional artisan preparation and the greater or lesser marbling of the pieces, some of the values described above may vary.
Cárnicas Joselito S.L. Spain


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