Since 1868 JOSELITO has carefully amassed the secrets of a long-standing tradition. Five generations of professionals within the same family have worked toward one single goal: producing the best cured ham in the world.

JOSELITO is a culinary gem, acclaimed by the greatest gastronomic names and the leading food critics worldwide. It is served in the most prestigious restaurants and sold in gourmet food shops in 56 countries. More than just a brand, a legend.

Joselito uses only the best. It’s pigs are 100% Ibérico, are free-range and are fed an acorn-diet. Only the best parts of the Ibérico pig are used to produce not just the best ham in the world but also the best charcuterie: lomo, coppa, pancetta and papada

All Joselito products are 100% natural. Lactose and gluten free. No preservatives, and the pigs are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics.



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