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European Quality Foods,
Spanish and European products

European Quality Foods is owned by Marc & Lorna. He is from Barcelona and fell in love with Lorna from Spencerville (Ontario) in the Spanish city in 2010 where they lived for almost 4 years before deciding to move to Canada in December 2013 and start a family.

After arriving to Canada with very minimal English, overcoming cultural shock and adapting to a new climate and country, Marc started European Quality Foods Ltd. with his wife’s support. With a Business Commerce university degree, owning his own business had always been Marc’s lifelong dream.

European Quality Foods was founded in 2017 to bring together both cultures into one passion, bringing you the best quality ingredients to help turn every dish into a unique culinary experience full of flavors and aromas to create long lasting memories.

Nowadays, European Quality Foods is a reference of European and Spanish distribution in Canada, with a large number of clients, some of them are references in their field.


If you are interested in some of these products, send us an email and we will contact with you as soon as possible.