Caviaroli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls Trio Pack

Flavors included: Basil, arbequina, and chili
SKU: 23090320
Weight: 60g
Format: Glass jars with box
Case: 6 per case

Pearls of extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety. Known as the olive oil caviar, Caviaroli Spheres are approximately 4-5 millimeters in diameter, with liquid olive oil inside that explode in the mouth when you bite into them. They are an ideal ingredient adding flavour and aroma, and creative garnish, taking your dish to the next level!

Use in any dish where you would use olive oil as a dressing and / or decoration.
Beautiful in soups, creams, salads, fish, seafood, meats and even your desserts!

Conditions of conservation:
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, light and strong odors.
Keeping the pearls covered in their own covering oil.
Once opened it is recommended to keep it refrigerated, avoiding freezing (+ 2ºC – + 26ºC) and consume within a month.

May contain traces of sesame and nuts.

Producer: Caviaroli S.L



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