Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adria
SKU: 23030170
Net Weight: 170g
Drained weight: 60g
Format: Glass jar
Case: 6 per case

Green Olive drops -12 pieces per jar

Spherifications of olive juice (crushed table olives) with an intense olive flavor and a touch of piparra (chili).
Spheres of approximately 20 mm in diameter with a liquid interior that when you bite them explode in the mouth releasing the juice inside. These are a classic aperitif of molecular or avant-garde cuisine ready to use and consume.

The spherical olives are contained in a mixture of brine and extra virgin olive oil to
improve their conservation and so that when they are removed from the bottle they have a thin layer of high quality oil that gives them shine and a great aroma.

Keep stored in a cool dry place away from heat sources, lights, or strong odours.
Keep pearls covered in their own covering oil
Once open, refrigerate and consume within a week. Do not freeze.

Suggested Uses:
It can be served alone on a catering spoon, or Japanese soup spoon, or dessert spoon resting on the edge of the plate or tray where it is presented.
Or as a garnish on salads, and roasted dishes, with mayonnaise and sauces, and citrus.

Contains sulfates
May contain traces of almonds and / or fish

Producer: Caviaroli S.L.

Barcelona, Spain


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