Viuda de Cayo Very Thick White Asparagus 4-6 Pieces


SKU: 20401203
Net Weight: 660g
Drained Weight: 425g
Format: tin with box
Case: 12 per case

About By Viuda de Cayo:

White asparagus from Navarra, without fibers and with the characteristic soft bitter point of the Navarra Asparagus Denomination. Always cultivated near our facilities, the climate and the fertile soil of the Navarrese banks of the Ebro give them unique characteristics. Harvesting is done manually between the months of April and June. We try to collect them at night or first thing in the morning to preserve them from direct sunlight and so that they can be processed in the hours following their collection, thus keeping their properties intact.

At Viuda de Cayo we prepare our asparagus in a traditional way, blanching it before peeling so that the skin protects its properties and aromas, thus achieving a product of extraordinary flavor and quality.

Ingredients: asparagus, water, salt and acidulant: citric acid.
Navarra asparagus is made up of 93% water and 7% asparagus, resulting in an exceptional natural diuretic, which is why it is indicated in slimming diets.


average values ​​per 100g
Energetic value 75.5KJ/18.0kcal
fats 0.3g 
saturated fats 0.0g
carbohydrates 1.8g  of which sugars 1.1g
protein 1.3g
Salt 1.0g
PGI Asparagus from NavarraEuropean PGI


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