La Catedral De Navarra

Lineyard Vegetables

With a primary and distinguished flavor. This is how the vegetables of La Catedral de Navarra are. The secret is in the land, fertile and rich thanks to the severe temperatures and the abundance of water that characterize the Navarre valley of the Ebro.

The Cathedral of Navarra is the great bet of the Sainz family, which has been in the sector for more than 70 years of canned vegetables thanks to its commitment to quality and its respect for natural products.

The brand’s research effort is directed at keeping the flavor, texture and frankness of freshly harvested vegetables intact. The fruits are processed and preserved as soon as they arrive from the field, and each step of the process ensures that not a hint of their authenticity is lost.


The history of La Catedral de Navarra dates back to the first half of the last century. During the Civil War, soldiers´ mothers preserved vegetables, casseroles and pâtés for their sons and daughters, and after the war it was also essential to store as much seasonal food as possible so that they were available all year round, Preserves became both necessary and a part of daily life, above all in regions such as the Navarre riverbanks, where the fertile region produced such exquisite products that they were well worth storing. Petra Lopez, grandmother of the current owner of La Catedral de Navarra, started up a small jar sealing business in Mendavia, combining her knowledge of the fields with a strong enterprising nature. She and her family used tin to seal jars that contained both their own vegetable preserves and those prepared by the villagers in their homes. By the mid-40s of the last century they were already selling artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, white asparagus, and leeks. Since then, all the family’s efforts have been aimed at obtaining the best vegetables and preserving their flavor intact, which has converted La Catedral de Navarra into a synonym of quality.

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