Hot sauce “Alegrias Riojanas ” 125g Jar


SKU: 20632040
ER: 150g
Net Weight: 125g
Format: jar
Case: 24 per case

“Spicy” chili pepper sauce
Ready to eat

Spicy sauce made from chilli peppers “alegrías riojanas”.                                          Made naturally, without preservatives or stabilizers, using only chilli peppers “alegrías riojanas”, olive oil, onion and salt.
The chili peppers are prepared in the Sainz family’s traditional methods.

This sauce provides a powerful, but at the same time pleasant, spicy bite.
Perfect for “tapas” and entrees, or as a condiment for kitchen use.

These gourmet vegetables from La Catedral de Navarra boast an outstanding and refined flavour. This brand focuses on preserving the flavour and texture of the recently hand-picked harvested vegetables.
There is no greater secret to obtain a good preserve than working with excellent raw materials in the fields right from the start.
Rigor in the quality and care is taken during the handling and processing of the vegetables. The vegetables are packed manually following the strictest health and tasting controls.
The products are elaborated and preserved immediately on arrival from the field, and each step of the process is intended to safeguard their full authentic flavour.
The chili peppers are prepared in the Sainz family’s traditional recipe and methods.

Chili peppers, olive oil, onion. and salt.

ENERGY 25 kcal
Fat 2g 3%
Carbohydrates 1g

Viuda de Cayo Sainz, S.L
(Navarra) España Spain


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