SKU: 25AB0058
Weight: 5kg
Format: Bag
Case: 4 per case

Bomba rice variety is appreciated for it’s culinary quality.
The appearance of this rice is usually small, round, and has a pearl-like color.
When cooked, Bomba rice increases to double, does not dough, and has a consistency and flavour.
Beautiful in any rice dish, but because of its excellent characteristics it is the best rice for Paella and soup dishes.

Generationally pure rice:
“Illa de Riu” rice is grown on the “Illa de Riu” farm in Spain. The rice seeds are carefully selected, so they are always homogeneous. Their Agronomists collect the best 100 ears of rice from the year’s production to start the new cycle for the next year’s crop. With these few kilos a small area is sown to obtain the second generation of seed, then a third and forth generation. This process is identical in all the varieties they select and is repeated every year!
This process is complex and delicate but Illa de Riu is ensuring a varietal purity
necessary to guarantee the highest quality rice! This is dedication to quality and purity of product!

Using “Illa de Riu” rice guarantees your dishes will have a consistent quality because they do not contain the mixing of any grain from other varieties. They will always have the same taste, same texture, same appearance, and the same cooking time.
Guaranteed consistency every time.

Producer: Arroz Illa de Riu     Tarragona, Spain


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