Heura Original Plant-Based Burger Alternative

SKU: 19010915
Weight: 220g (2 burgers at 110g each)
Format: Sealed package with sleeve
Case: 6 per case

Our Original Burger is so tender and juicy that it’s hard to believe it’s 100%
plant-based. Created for people who love the taste of meat, but not its impact

*Heura® soy is non-GMO and comes from crops that do not cause deforestation!

Heura® is the new generation of plant-based protein!
Heura Foods® mission is to address the the problems of the current food system, offering proteins with a positive impact on the
world through sustainable, nutritious and delicious food.
Care for the planet – eat plant-based!

Heura® opens up so many meal possibilities! Eat as main part of meal, in bowls, on pizza, in wraps, sandwiches, combine with pasta, rice and vegetables, or to jazz up your appetizers!

*Gluten-free  * suitable for Celiac  *Vegan *100% veggie  *Vit B12  *Soy-based



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