San nicasio

Patatas Fritas San Nicasio Chips are hand cooked in small batches and exclusively uses potatoes of Spanish origin D.O.P., not transgenic, older, sour variety. This ensures optimal quality, a delicious palate, and a crunchy texture, in accordance with the expectations of the most demanding and knowledgeable consumer.This older variety makes for a renewed and decidedly exquisite product.To guarantee the highest quality, the batches of Patatas San Nicasio are produced in limited editions destined for the gourmet market. The Spanish origin of the potato ensures compliance with European regulations regarding food safety and, at the same time, avoids health and conservation problems associated with long-distance transport. Its “ non-transgenic ” characteristic is, in turn, a quality bonus that is increasingly appreciated by consumers. Once received, the potatoes are carefully stored at the ideal temperature and their processing is carried out in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards.
In the pursuit of excellence, San Nicasio Potato Chips are the only ones on the market that incorporate pink Himalayan salt, a salt of exceptional purity, which is collected in the strata of that mountain range and is a remnant of the enormous uncontaminated ocean that was found there.  It extended more than 200 million years ago. Its nutritional value and its delicate palate add a touch of unrepeatable quality to the San Nicasio French Fries.Due to its uncontaminated and millenary nature , its exquisite crunch, subtle aroma and pleasant flavor , Himalayan salt has become a product highly valued by the most prestigious gourmets and chefs in the world.Coming from deep underground layers fed by mineral infiltrations of tertiary magma , Himalayan pink salt adds an additional quality and prestigious ingredient to San Nicasio crisps.Exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements (its delicate pink hue attests to its richness in iron), it is also a very healthy salt that is recommended by all nutritionists and food experts.

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