Pujado solano

Fine Cantabrian products – TUNA: Bonito del Norte (Thunnus Alalunga ) is a nomadic fish that lives in the cold and rough waters of the Cantabrian sea. When spring is coming to an end , this tuna starts appearing in the Vizcayan Gulf (FAO 27 VIIIc). This fishing period is commonly known as La Costera del Bonito. The albacore tuna caught off the northern coast of Spain is characterised by its tender, white meat, smooth flavour, and juicy texture. It is packed in glass jars and covered in the finest quality olive oil.

ANCHOVIES: Behind these anchovy fillets is a long preparation process in which the fillets are sliced by hand following traditional techniques that have been practised in Santoña for over a century. The “sobadoras de Santoña”, with their expert hands, are tasked with filleting and then selecting the best fillets to offer a high-quality product. Prepared by hand, on the day of capture.
GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organisms) Available in White and dark.

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