Since 1960 AMANIDA, a family run Spanish company currently in its second generation, has an international presence operating in more that 20 countries in 4 continents.
Their unique, award winning products, primarily in the Olives and Pickles category, are based upon 3 key elements: the best raw materials, selected ingredients, and marinades & special preparations.
They only use the most exclusive ingredients that are processed carefully in their factories in Spain and Italy, resulting in a consistent line of innovative, surprising, smooth and tasty products.
They all combine to deliver a sophisticated culinary experiences and a Wow! for the consumer! At the same time, Amanida successfully combines tradition, style and innovation developing healthy food products that belong to the well-known “Mediterranean Diet” and are tied to a healthy way-of-life. Amanida offers unique products like a variety of olives, stuffed peppers and preserves. Products: White garlics, kalamata olives, green olives, pitted and non pitted green olives in Mediterranean marinade, cherry peppers stuffed with tuna and cheese, Gordal olives stuffed with cheese and anchovy, and cocktail mix.

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