Panadería Obando


Panadería Artesana Obando has become an industry leader thanks to technical innovations in our production processes, never losing our traditional essence as artisans. From our factory in Utrera, we currently distribute on a daily basis to thousands of customers throughout Spain, as well as having expanded our reach to markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our raw materials are the primary value that set our products apart. We use grains that come from our own sustainably cultivated farmland, which guarantees that we always work with natural ingredients, in addition to using no additives or preservatives in the preparation of our products.

The preparation of our products maintains the artisanal essence that has defined our work for over 50 years. Every day, our team of bakers produce our picos, regañás and mostachones with the traditional recipes whose authentic texture and flavour have become our hallmark.

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